MozMeet by Mozilla Community Rajasthan

So, this was another Meetup of the Mozilla Community Rajasthan  which actually proved to be a great success. The best part was, Many girls actively took part in it and had a keen interest to about Mozilla Project and How to Get involved.

The Meetup started sharp at 11:00 A.M. at Saras Parlour’ Jaipur.

It was attended by:

and 12 newcomers who were interested in being a part of Mozilla.

The session was started by Osho Parth who talked about FOSS, Mozilla and Firefox OS. He gave an informative talk about Firefox OS and explained it to everyone to the core.

After that Trishul Goel an amazing developer discussed about the Benefits of using Open Source and gave an informative session on How to Create Firefox OS Apps.

After that i discussed the areas of contribution recommended for beginner Volunteers and How can one chose their type of areas according to their skills and areas of interest.

After that Lavish Agarwal and Adit Bharadwaj gave an informative session about Webmaker. They also gave some live demos on how to use Popcorn, Thimble and X-Ray Goggles.

After that Lavish Agarwal went for a recruitment session and registered for 7 FSA’s and the best part was all of them were girls. It’s good to see so many WoMoz ‘es from Mozilla Community Rajasthan.

So this fun learning meetup came to an end, and how can one forget a Group Picture of the newly updated MCR Team.

All pictures of the Meetup can be found here.



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