Installing Android on your Geeksphone Peak.

I thought of writing a long article telling my adventures cooking this ROM for Geeksphone Peak, but perhaps will be in another post, let’s face it, really what you want is to get off the ROM and test it on your Geeksphone Peak.So I’ll cut to the chase:


Before the instructions if I’d make a few comments:

  1. I have made this ROM for stubbornness, as a personal challenge, had no prior experience doing any ROMs for Android, hopefully not get anything out of this, just what I have already delivered an Android phone and many new skills.
  2. I share this with you so you can do your tests, performance comparisons with FirefoxOS, and yes, of course, to all those who you have the GP forgotten in a drawer for you to give at least a little more vidilla.
  3. Dont ask for nothing in return and I owe you anything, I do not demand anything, if something is surely fix it if I see that is important or interesting to me but I will because I want to and if it’s a challenge for me.
  4. I do not take responsibility for any damage that the installation of this ROM you may cause to your phone. I have nothing to do with Geeksphone nor FirefoxOS development.
  5. And last and most important. Do not install this ROM if your phone is not a Geeksphone Peak, do not work and will turn your phone into a brick may have to take the service to retrieve.

I think that’s it, so now the instructions:


  1. Download the zip with the images here .
  2. Unzip the zip file to a folder on your hard drive.
  3. Ensure that your phone has enough battery, usually nothing will happen because everything is done with the phone connected by USB but if for some reason runs out of power while flashing images of your phone could become a brick.
  4. Go to your phone with Firefox OS without having it connected via USB, turn on remote debugging: Settings -> Device Information -> More -> Development and check the “Remote Debugging”. Or if you have it in English: Settings -> Device Information -> More Information -> Developer and check in “Remote Debugging”. (I have set memory may not exactly match the names).
  5. If you are using Windows you’ll need the USB drivers phone. You can download those here . And unzip to a folder.
  6. Connect your phone via USB to your computer, Windows will detect the device and search for the drivers, say they’re in the folder where you extracted the drivers in step 5.
  7. Enter the folder where you unzipped the images and by operating system runs the appropriate script: for Linux (I must run as root: ‘. Sudo /’), for Windows and flash_mac flash.bat. sh for Macintosh (Mac for the Android SDK you need to install)
  8. Wait and pray (just kidding ;-).) They will start sending the images to the device will restart and after a few seconds with black screen image loading “ANDROID” appears.
  9. Congratulations and have an Android ICS running on your Geeksphone 4.04 Peak.


  1. The rom is based on sources AOSP  particularly those publishedcodeaurora (qualcomm) for its chipsets. (The Peak GP carries a qualcomm chipset).
  2. The Android version 4.04 is simply using the same wherein the FFOS is based and therefore have the Linux Kernel Peak GP for this release. You had to start at easy and secure maximum possible success.
  3. In the ROM are included Google applications and up to date until the date of this publication.
  4. The ROM is pre-rooteada, this means that it is ready to be rooteada in a few clicks so you can use any application that requires root permissions. To finish the rooteo you must follow the instructions in the next section.
  5. The ROM has also included the “Titanium Backup” application to make backups of applications and system information. This application requires root permissions so to use it must first be rooting the ROM. Both this application and the “Superuser” can be uninstalled without problems and installed again from the “Play Store” or other similar install.
  6. As far as I’ve tried it took several days with her, everything works perfectly. Call, SMS, 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, camera, sensors, accelerometer, GPS, etc..

Rooting AS THE ROM

To finish the rooteo ROM you need to have phone with data connection, either wifi or 3G, GPRS, etc.. and follow the steps.

1) Start the “Superuser” application


2) Slide the display to show the “info” and click on the subsection where it says “your binary v3.1.1 (17)” in the area where the letters are on green.


3) the next screen, where you should click on “Update” appears


4) own “Superuser” app will ask permission “root” we owe grant.


5) The “Superuser” application from end to root the ROM and you should see the following screen:


6) Now you can exit the application. You already have the phone rooteado!


You’ve flashed your GP Peak with Android does not mean that you can no longer return to FFOS even be changing from one to another. At any time you can regain FFOS installing the official ROM Geeksphone of here .

You can make a backup of your data by Android:

adb backup-f ruta_al_fichero_de_backup-apk-shared-all-system

This will create a file in ruta_al_fichero_de_backup all phone information (user data, applications, etc.)

And then do the restore with:

adb restore ruta_al_fichero_de_backup

This will leave the phone exactly as it was before the backup.

I mean, you can make a backup of your android, flash the ROM with FFOS when you tire again, flash the ROM with Android and do the restore and have Android phone exactly as before.


  1. Change the ClockworkMod recovery. Although having rooteada ROM with fastboot and adb and you can do everything.
  2. Ask FFOS and dual boot Android. I think it could be possible and not too complicated.
  3. Make JellyBean version (Android 4.1.2)
  4. Make a launcher for Android which has internally FFOS javascript engine so that both can launch native Android apps FFOS as transparently to the user. Sounds good right? 😉


I know no one has asked you, but doing this ROM has taken me many hours I had to remove my free time, sleep and be with my family. Perhaps even expert in creating Android ROMS and would have taken much less but it was a simple Android user, so yes, very stubborn 😉 . I said I did not ask anything in return but at least I would like to receive comments from people who are using and if you have served some purpose, some appreciation would not hurt …

NOTE: To get back to Firefox OS, maybe try 1.1 or the nightly versions, visit and download the version of your need.

3 thoughts on “Installing Android on your Geeksphone Peak.

  1. Thanks for this amazing job ! Did you managed to make a ROM with a newer android version ? Would you mind sharing config files or stuff that you customized to do this build ?

    Thanks again.

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