Mini-Camp Punjab ’14

Mozilla Community Rajasthan organized a grand Mini-Camp in several universities in Punjab.

The plan was to organize it in a single university in Punjab, but the very poor response by the FSA’s of the university which we planned as our Venue for the event made us change our plan.

We organized interactive and fun learning sessions in 3 universities in a days. They were:
1) Chandigarh University
2) Chandigarh group of Colleges
3) Rayat Bhara University

The people who attended the event were:
1) Varun Kaushik (Mozilla Rep, FSA, Webmaker Mentor)
2) Osho Parth (FSA)
3) Adit Bharadwaj (FSA, Webmaker Mentor)
4) Lavish Aggarwal (FSA)
5) Raj Rohit (FSA)
6) Dipesh Monga (FSA)
7) Trishul Goel (Mozilla Rep, FSA)

We took a cab at 7 a.m. and went to our very first venue: Rayat Bhara University

Sessions that we conducted/organized in Rayat Bhara University:
*Introduction to Open Source
*What is Mozilla?
*Getting Involved
*Mozilla Tools (Firefox, Webmaker tools)
*Firefox OS (About, Apps)
*Hands-On session Firefox OS App development.
*Contribute to SUMO
*Careers at Mozilla

We received a phenomenal response from the college and the outstanding keen-to-learn students. Almost 220 students attended the talks and the Hands-On session.





After the amazing session at Rayat Bhara University, we had a quick breakfast and then rushed to our second venue: Chandigarh Group of Colleges.

We got an overwhelming response from this college chain. Not only the students, but the teachers came out in a good number to attend the fun-learning sessions. Each one of us gave a fun-learning talk/Hands-On and ended up the round with a QA session.

Sessions that we conducted/organized:
*What is FOSS?
*What is Mozilla?
*Areas to get involved with Mozilla (SUMO, App Dev, MDN, Webmaker, FSA)
*Firefox OS (The future and How’s it different and better from other OS’s)
*Webmaker (Session and Hands-On)
*Careers at Mozilla

The attendees here were not from a technical background, so we decided to go with a Webmaker Hands-On session and teach them. They were very excited to know how to create cool apps without any code.

More than 200 students became a part of it.




We took a quick lunch after the session at CGC and then went to our last event-venue of the day: Chandigarh University

We decided to do something different here. We took permission from the college authorities to set-up a small stalls in the college premises and we displayed Firefox OS devices at one, Knowledge and Learning at another and FSA and Registration at another, to make it a bit unique and get more people involved and to give one-to-one attention to everyone.

To our surprise, more than 450 students approached us, learned great new thongs, experienced and tested the Firefox OS devices and registered for the FSA program.


FSA section. (Info and registration)


Amazing and Creative people getting involved.


Active WoMoz participation.


Firefox OS ( Information and Devices demonstration)

We wanted to do something great and different. We approached 1000+ amazing people in a day. We got some awesome FSA’s onboard and got some really cool makes and Apps.

We just happened to make this event great.

Doing good is a part of our Code.

Love pictures? Visit Mozilla Community Rajasthan’s Flickr stream. 🙂


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