Maker Party DAVIET

After some amazing events and workshops we finally decided to do something great at the newly formed Mozilla Community Punjab. We stuck to our motive: Quality and Productivity and organized a great event.

The Day 1:
(Teach the kids)

We followed the amazing initiative ‘Kidzilla’ and decided to teach the kids about web, using computer, basic HTML and about open source. We went to a nearby orphanage and school for the same.
We made all the kids comfortable and showed them some cool things and gave our laptops to them to explore things and the web.

We taught them about The web, browsers and about what open source is.


We also gave them a very easy HTML lesson and they found that pretty interested and even made some programs.

We were amazed to see the young minds doing such amazing things.


And they day 1 was well spent with the kids. Literary talks, friendly web and HTML lessons, fun-learning activities and all good things.

The Day 2:
(Let the show begin)

We had a great agenda for the day 2. The main motive for us was to successfully complete the matrices, make a long-term impact, teach quality things to the attendees and spread the word : Mozilla.


The day started with some basic introduction about FOSS, about Mozilla, the role of Mozilla, becoming a part of the Mozilla family, Mozilla’s products and services and all other great things.


We then divided people into 2 groups (The programmers and the non  programmers)

Programmers were taught about codebase, Gaia, Firefox OS app development, solving bugs (Bugzilla), patches for Firefox OS and hands-on to many amazing things.


The non-progammers were given introduction about SUMO, localization, Webmaker, Events etc. They were then divided accordingly and hands-on sessions on different areas were done.

‘Actions speak louder than words’


We also set-up 2 booths outside the entry gate and displayed Firefox OS devices and swags for the people.


We showed them the future OS and how can people be involved and be a part to the revolution. The loved it and explored the same.

*We covered all our matrices, made a great impact and attracted many amazing people who wanted to be a part, host their own events and contribute. It was one of the most productive event of all time.
It was all about Quality and great contributors.

Doing food is part of our code.


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