MozCoffee Jaipur and Mozilla Day of Code (Buildathon) [v1.0]

It’s all about using Code and doing great things that matter.

Mozilla Day of Code, is a Mozilla Community Rajasthan’s initiative event. Which focused on building new and amazing apps and services and improving the existing one.

We all gathered together at June 13, 2015 at the venue together to make it a productive Saturday and take the best out of the event.

The day started with a MozCoffee with all the club leads and the core volunteers and Reps to discuss about the new SIG’s by Mozilla Community Rajasthan and to discuss and plan for the upcoming Maker Party season and our plans and events for this year.


We carried on the productive coffee session for around 2 hours, before kicking off MDoC and the star of the event.


After the successfully MozCoffee session, we started on with our very amazing MDoC.


It started with a bang with small different groups focusing on making and building great new things and improving the current things.

There was Codebase, AppDev, Webmaker, Appmaker and it all was productive. Amazing.



It was all great. We setup a big bar and we were successfully able to achieve it. The team gave many code patches, built 3 amazing apps for the productivity section on the marketplace, filed and helped in solving many Bugs and yeah, did a lot of fun and learnt many things.

You can see our photo gallery on the Mozilla Rajasthan’s Flickr stream and the metrics on the Reps page of the event.

Doing good is a part of our code.


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