MozFirst @ MITS

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MCR organized another  Community Building experience Event at MITS, Sikar. So the event started  at 10:00AM by the organizer of the event  Prachi Jain, with the Mozilla Story, Mozilla Mission and brief introduction about the Mozilla Project.

DSC02824After that session, the next session taken by Meghraj Suthar, in this session he told them about the Open Source and Mozilla Community in details. MITSians were eager to know abou Mozilla.DSC02826

DSC02827After this session, next session taken by  Raj Rohit. He told everyone about the Live open source projects and how to get involved in these. He also spoke about Data Science.

DSC02836Afterhis session, Our Awesome speaker  Osho Parth started the next session about Firefox OS and Open Source freedom.

DSC02831After that  Lavish Aggarwal told about Webmaker Project and how the Webmaker tools work , with a Live demo. It was a new thing for all participants, to work with Webmaker. He demonstrated Popcorn, Phimble and X-ray Googles in detail.



So, next session was about the Firefox Apps, and it was taken by Tushar Arora He discussed about App Developmment for Firefox OS. Everyone found it quite interesting.


After the event was over, we distributed lot of swags to the participants and also had a group pic.



We are Mozilla &

Doing Good is a part of our Code.


MozCafe at Jaipur

So, Finally was the day when  all Mozilla Volunteers of Mozilla Community Rajasthan met. It was good to meet all awesome contributors. The event  started at 9:30 A.M. at Mc-Donald’s at Gaurav Tower, Jaipur. We met there and a not so formal introduction round took place. Event was attended by 10 awesome contributors:

  1. Lavish Aggarwal : FSA, SUMO, AOA
  2. Mukul Taneja
  3. Osho Parth : FSA, Firefox OS App Development
  4. Trishul Goel : FSA, Add-ons
  5. Raj Suthar : SUMO, Webmaker, l10n
  6. Prachi Jain : FSA
  7. Ashish Seervi : FSA, Webmaker, Add-ons
  8. Rishi Pariyani
  9. Tushar Arora : FSA, SUMO, Webmaker, AOA
  10. Varun Kaushik : FSA, SUMO, Webmaker Mentor, AOA, WebFWD, Marketing, l10n

There were some new curious people who were not aware about the Mozilla Project and the different areas of contribution The session was started by Meghraj Suthar, introducing about Firefox Student Ambassador Programs and all the activities that an  FSA must do to start his/her contribution.


Then we started an informal discussion about SUMO, areas of contribution in it, and how to help other people:

  • Army Of Awesome
  • Answer questions in Support Forum
  • Writing help articles
  • Translate articles to your Local Languages



I told people on how to contribute using Twitter and how to answer questions in the Support Forum. A live demo of Army of Awesome and Support Forum was shown by me.


Then we planned and made a list for all upcoming events with respective colleges of Jaipur where we can organize events.



After deciding about the events and colleges we move ahead to discuss on Mozilla and its Mission, Firefox and Firefox OS. All were very excited in making Firefox OS  apps. An informal discussion took place about the App of the Month Contest and getting started with Firefox OS Apps.



A big Thanks to the only active Rep of our community –  Ram Dayal  for arranging SWAGS in very short time.



The current Mozilla Rajasthan Commnity members:



You can find more pictures  here.